Jumpstart Your Career Pivot towards the World of AI with These $20 Courses

Jumpstart Your Career Pivot towards the World of AI with These $20 Courses

The concept of inanimate items becoming sentient creatures stretches back to the Ancient Greeks, but the phrase “artificial intelligence” first coined in 1956 by a group of scientists. What a long way we have come! No, the robots have not taken over the world (yet), but their presence is palpable in our daily lives. 

The world of AI is coming to fruition, from voice-powered personal assistants like Google, Siri, and Alexa to behavioral algorithms. If you have always fascinated by artificial intelligence and want to find new methods to use it, you will need to learn how to program it. Fortunately, the A to Z Artificial Intelligence eBook Bundle includes courses to help you catch up.

Packt Publishing’s 10-part eBook bundle includes 10 complete eBooks that will prepare and educate you about the cutting-edge realm of artificial intelligence. The courses include ones that will improve your automation expertise by teaching you programming approaches and how to apply them to AI projects. This involves creating intelligent robots, Python apps, Java AI systems, and more.

The A to Z Artificial Intelligence eBook Bundle gives you in-depth knowledge of how AI interacts with the world around you, and you can dig into all 10 eBooks at your leisure thanks to lifelong access. There is no need to rush through your studies, and you can review what you have learned at any moment.

If you are thinking about changing careers or just want to learn more about AI, this bundle will teach you all you need to know from the basics to advanced levels so you can start working on your own AI project. It is also on sale right now for $19.99, down from $311. Artificial Intelligence evolves in lockstep with the digital era. 

AI is the technology that allows current machines to adapt to new inputs and execute human-like jobs. This Packt Publishing bundle includes ten detailed eBooks that will help you learn about AI, its aspects, features, basic programming, and applications. Become the automation if you do not want to lose your job to automation!