Explorers Found Their Way Into The Abandoned UVB-76 Numbers Station, This Is What They Saw

Explorers Found Their Way Into The Abandoned UVB-76 Numbers Station, This Is What They Saw

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of HM Radio. At night, when you come across a broadcast on an unused shortwave channel, the radio is constantly working its way through the spectrum, where there is usually nothing but stationary. The broadcast is a melody, or buzz, or sometimes the cartoon character Yosemite Sam says “Varmint, I’m here-b-b-b-bloooow ya ta’smithereenies” (yes, really) then after a series of numbers read by a human or synthesized voice, extra “I r I can never sleep “in a static bed for vibration.

Listen to one of these broadcasts, and if you’ve heard the opportunity, try to see on a scale to brown how hard you will harden yourself. For Chris Smolinski, a software engineer from Baltimore, this was not just a guess. At the age of 14, he had just gotten a shortwave radio and was trying it out when it hit the wrong broadcast.

“I was tuning in to stations like BBC and Radio Moscow and then one day I found someone reading the numbers,” he told the Miami New Times. Before he finally got an answer, he began recording the numbers he had heard at stations and others for 20 years. The station he heard – as is the conventional theory of most stations – transmits coded messages to those who had a cipher to decode the other end. These special messages were sent to Cuba, which was for field spies. The advantage of sending these messages is that even if you understand where the signal came from, it is not known who they mean and who they are receiving.

Cuba will discover that once the downside is – says someone, the FBI – has blocked this cipher; they can continue to try to open your messages from there. Some of the messages, which will appear in a FBI court case, read “Prioritize and strengthen friendships with Joe and Dennis” and “Under no circumstances [agents] should fly in days with German or Castor BTTR or any other agency” 24, 25, 26 and 27 “. Classic spy staff, as well as” Congratulations all female comrades for International Women’s Day “, which is just the basic good behavior.