Locational Mobility

Locational Mobility

Movement and mobility is an integral part of human life. Entrepreneur being a man also move from one place to another to establish his industry. This movement of entrepreneurs from one location to another is called locational mobility.

Locational Mobility means movement or changes in location. This mobility depends upon some factors like availability of raw material, infrastructure and labour, nearness to market, own resources, knowledge, experience, socio-political situation, etc.

Generally, the following factors do cause locational mobility of entrepreneurs:

  • Availability of raw materials;
  • Availability of infrastructure;
  • Availability of labour;
  • Nearness to market;
  • Entrepreneurs’ own resources;
  • Experience;
  • Knowledge and information;
  • Socio-political situation;
  • Government incentives;
  • Cheaper land;
  • Development of an area;

So, these are the various factors that influence the locational mobility of entrepreneurs.