Main Animals of Forest Zone in Bangladesh

Main Animals of public forest lands account for about 14.9 percent and the village forests for another 1.8 percent of the area of Bangladesh. Three main types of forests are:

(i) Tropical evergreen or semi-evergreen forest in the eastern districts of Chittagong.
(ii) moist or dry deciduous forests also known as sal forest.
(iii) tidal mangrove forests along the coast.

Sylhet forest zone: Among the mammals monkey and entellus (Honuman) are prominent. Besides these there are various kinds of birds.

Chittagong forest zone: Notable animals of this region are elephant, leopard, deer, gibbon and different kinds of snakes and birds.


Chittagong Hill Tracts: Amphibians like tree frog, toad, python, cobra, monitor lizard are found in the forests. Among mammals big rat, bat, monkey, entellus, leopard, gibbon, bear, elephant, gaur are found to live here. Elephant is the largest mammal amongst the terrestrial animals. In forest, birds like Moutusi, Doyel (Copsychus saularis) [the national bird of Bangladesh], parrot, woodpecker and some others. Though several areas are protected under law, a large portion of Bangladeshi wildlife is threatened by this growth.