Major Plants and Animals of Upland in Bangladesh

Major Plants and Animals of Upland:

Major Plants: One of the characters of this upland is the presence of Shaal forest. Shaal forest is said to be a deciduous forest. Because in winter all the trees of this forest become leafless. In some places Shaalbon is also known as GAJARI GORH. 97% tree of this forest is Shaal tree (Shorea robusta) from which the name Shaal forest originates. Among other trees, there are wild Chalta, Gachhi Gajari, Koroi, Kumvi, Gamari, Palash, Vela, Bahera, Haritaki etc.

Almost all of these are deciduous plants. Many jackfruit trees have been cultivated in Modhupur and Bhawal region. Shaalbon has reduced in large scale in Barendro region. There are still some Shaalbon in Phulpur and Ghoraghat of Dinajpur and Dhamarhat of Nowgaon. The Shaalbon of Dhamarhat is a continuous part of Indian Shaalbon. In Chapainowabganj and Godagari of Rajshahi, Shaalbon is almost nil. Besides a very few Shaal trees, some Pon-Shaal, Koroi, and Sinuri etc. are present here.

Major Animals: Monkeys, squirrel, jackals Langoor, several species of snakes, mongoose and different kinds of birds are the major animals of Barendra region. In Modhupur region the major animals are monkeys, entellus, jackals, lizards, woodpeckers, owls, kites, mongoose, water monitor, squirrels and tree frogs. Once leopard and deer were abundant here but now they are very scanty.