Sound Pollution

Sound is a constant companion of the city dwellers. Sounds of vehicles and vendors wake us up in the morning. All through the day sound pollution occurs with mixed sound of different machineries, telephones and loud voices of human beings in the offices and these have become very normal sound pollution. When a man comes back home and listens to Radio, T.V. or Tape recorder then there is also sound or noise pollution.

If sound exceeds a certain limit (80 decibel). it reaches the stage of pollution. The effect of sound pollution is quite harmful to animals. It causes high blood pressure, insomnia (sleeplessness), loss of hearing capacity and extreme case of mental disorder.

Causes of Sound Pollution:

  1. Industrialization
  2. Poor Urban Planning
  3. Social Events
  4. Transportation
  5. Construction Activities
  6. Household Chores

Effects of Sound Pollution:

  1. Hearing Problems
  2. Health Issues
  3. Sleeping Disorders
  4. Cardiovascular Issues
  5. Trouble Communicating
  6. Effect on Wildlife