Hilly Forests in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh the hilly forests are of two types:

  1. Tropical Evergreen Forest: In these forests the large trees do not shed their leaves in winter as the Shaal forest do. Thus their canopy or tops of the trees look evergreen throughout the whole year.
  2. Mixed Evergreen Forest: Some of the plants of this forest are evergreen and some species shed their leaves in winter. As there is a mixer of evergreen and deciduous plants this forest is known as mixed evergreen forest.


Height of the tree of this forest is not equal. As a result their tops are seems to be arranged in 2/3 strata or layers. The tallest trees are up to 60 meters (200 feet) in height, e.g. Garjan, Chapalish, Civit. Telgu etc. They are said to be the first layer trees. Trees having a medium height make the second layer, e.g. Chikrashi and Gamar. Trees of the third layer are shorter than those of the second layer, e.g. Jarul, Uriaam (Mangifera longipes) etc.