Conservation of Endangered Plants and Animals

The land area is limited on the earth but population is increasing. New houses are being made for this additional population to live. Schools and colleges are being built for the education of their children, hospitals for treatment; new roads are being made for their movement. More cultivable land are being procured for producing additional food for them. For all these reasons forest land are being destroyed every moment. It is learnt from different survey report that at present in average 50 acres of forestland are being destroyed in every minute.

Due to destruction of forest areas, many plant and animal species dependent on them have already been perished and many more species are on the way to be extinct. The endangered plants and animals are inseparable components of the environment. So to save the environmental balance they must be protected from the extinction, so that we can get valuable life saving medicine and valuable gene for the development of the crops. By this time many plants and animals ar going to be perished. They must be protected from extinction.


Fig: Endangered Plants: Ashwagandha

The endangered plants are Ashwagandha, Latakasturi, wild onion, and Montesia etc. and among the endangered animals are Ghorial, Green tortoise, Python, King cobra, hilly Moyena and stripped tiger. In order to save them the natural environment, where they grow, is to be conserved as it was before. The destruction of forest area must be stopped totally. No uncontrolled procurement of plant from nature will be allowed. The use of insecticides, fungicides or weedicides should be minimized as much as possible.