Role of Human beings in Conservation of Environment

Role of Human beings in Conservation of Environment

It is our ethical duty to protect the environment for all humanity and the generations to come. Men knowingly or unknowingly are polluting the environment. So attaining the knowledge about environment pollution and developing consciousness should be the primary responsibility for preventing environmental pollution. As far as preservation of the environment is concerned, it tries to maintain the present condition areas of nature or Earth which are not yet touched by humans If we are aware of pollution of the environment, have a willingness and desire to prevent it then we will be able to do it. From the above discussion, you must have learned that various activities of human beings are responsible for the pollution of the environment.

When we talk about the earth’s environment, we are talking about the health of the atmosphere, forests, plants, animals, water, and each ecosystem. Can you realize the effect of increased atmospheric temperature on the environment due to the greenhouse effect? There are a lot of threats to the environment. These include climate change caused by greenhouse gasses, air and water pollution, deforestation, and more. Unfortunately, humans appear to be the greatest problem for our planet. The world’s population is rapidly growing which results in increased pressure on the environment, in the first place on natural resources including water, food, energy and various materials. You know that a huge amount of ice is deposited in the two polar regions of the earth. With the increase of the atmospheric temperature, this ice will start melting. As a result, the water level of seas will increase. This is not happening at present in relation to climate change and the loss of wildlife around the world. Many islands, seaside cities, and countries will gradually go underwater. Think of it this way: all of us have created this problem by neglecting the environment. That must mean that all of us can fix the problem by protecting it! Therefore, we all must live in environmentally-friendly behavior and protect the earth’s resources.

Role of an individual in conservation of natural resources –

Conservation of energy:

  1. Switch off light, fan and other appliances when not in use.
  2. Use solar system heater for cooking.
  3. Dry the cloth in the sunlight instead of driers.
  4. Use always pressure cookers.

Conservation of water:

  1. Use minimum water for all domestic purposes.
  2. Use drip irrigation.
  3. A rainwater harvesting system should be installed in all the houses.
  4. Sewage treatment plants may be installed in all industries and institutions.

Conservation of soil:

  1. Grow different types of plants i.e. trees, herbs, and shrubs.
  2. In the irrigation process, using a strong flow of water should be avoided.

Conservation of forest:

  1. Use non-timber products.
  2. Plant more trees.
  3. Minimize the use of paper and fuel.
  4. Avoid the construction of dam, road in the forest areas.