Man Accidentally Cuts Off Town Internet While Trying To Block Kid from Social Media

Man Accidentally Cuts Off Town Internet While Trying To Block Kid from Social Media

Every parent has experienced it: your child receives a tablet or phone for the holidays, and you find yourself unable to tear their gaze away from it. Most parents use parental controls or time limits to limit their children’s screen time, encouraging them to spend time with their families instead. 

Basically, anything that isn’t a multi-wave band jammer that entirely disables your town’s internet connection. But that’s exactly what a dad in Messages, France, did after employing an illegal signal jammer to keep his youngster away from the screen while also shutting down the internet for neighbors in a large radius around him. For his gaffe, he now risks a €30,000 fine and possibly six months in prison.

The reports emerged after a mystery internet outage occurred every night between the hours of midnight and 3 a.m. After receiving the call, a technician was dispatched to investigate, armed with a laboratory truck and a detection device capable of isolating waves producing a disruption. 

The source of the jamming was a gadget set up by the father, who was probably resting soundly knowing his youngster was offline. When confronted, the father acknowledged employing a multi-wave band jammer to block his child’s access to the internet since they were “addicted” to social media.

According to local media site France Bleu, these jammers often have a considerably greater radius of effect than you might imagine, and it was really affecting an area including two municipalities. For obvious reasons, they are likewise prohibited in France. The man is now under investigation and will be held accountable for the work done by the National Frequency Agency, as well as any criminal charges brought against him. For a bit too much TikTok, this is a rather harsh punishment.

If you haven’t noticed, today’s children have no idea how to manage their screen time. So, in a frantic attempt to get his children off the internet, a man in France accidentally blitzed his entire town’s internet connection. For the outage, he now faces up to six months in prison. According to a report from France Bleu, the unnamed father attempted to temporarily disable his internet connection at his home in Messanges by using a multi-wave spectrum jammer. Jammers work by interfering with communications signals and thereby suffocating connections, which are prohibited in France (and also in the United States). People get arrested for using them all the time, despite the fact that they are prohibited.