Monocotyledonous or Monocot Plants

Monocot plants bear one cotyledon in their seeds. Their roots are fibrous, leaves have parallel venation; flo:vers are trimerous (each floral parts being 3 in number). Examples of monocot plants are Paddy, Wheat, Sugarcane, Bamboo, Palm, Coconut, Betel nut and Date-Palm etc. As a representative of Monocot plants, here the characteristics ap.d importance of coconut tree is described briefly with a diagram.


  1. It is a tree without branch.
  2. Leaves are pinnately compound
  3. Arranged as a crown on the top of the stein. Flowers are in inflorescence, and the inflorescence is covered with a woody Bract.
  1. Flowers are unisexual; number of female flowers is less and is present at the base of the inflorescence stalk. Number of male flowers is more and is present at the top of female flowers.


  1. In flowers there are 3 sepals, 3 petals and 6stamens in male flower and 3 united carpel in female flower.
  2. Fruits are fibrous and one seeded.


Importance of Coconut plants: Green Coconut is a soft drink; the mature coconut is used in preparation of sweetmeat, treated with vegetables in curry. Again coconut oil also is obtained from it. Ropes, mats etc. are made from its coir. Leaves are used to make roof of but or cottages. Brumes are made from the midrib of the leaflets. Leaves and stem are also used as fuel.