New York City Fires 1,430 Unvaccinated Employees

New York City Fires 1,430 Unvaccinated Employees

The mayor of New York City has revealed that 1,430 city employees have been dismissed for failing to comply with the city’s vaccine mandate, which has been in effect since October. The number represents less than 1% of the city’s overall workforce. There are two levels to the mandate. New employees must provide confirmation of their second immunization. 

Staff who have been on unpaid leave (and without access to health insurance) for the past few months must present proof of one dose. Two people from the first group were let go. While 1,428 workers in the second category were laid off, nearly 1,000 people elected to get vaccinated before the deadline last week.

In a statement, Mayor Eric Adams said, “Our aim was always to vaccinate, not terminate, and municipal personnel stepped up and met the goal laid before them.” “Only two new city employees who worked last week are no longer employed by the city, out of all the new city employees who received notices two weeks ago.” I appreciate all of the city workers who continue to serve New Yorkers and ‘Get Stuff Done’ for the world’s greatest city.”

Over 85 percent of New York City citizens have received at least one dose of the vaccine, with 76 percent having received all three doses. This is far higher than the national average, with only about 65% of Americans having received at least two doses of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines, or the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccination.

Employees in New York City now have substantially higher values, with 95 percent of the city’s 370,000-strong workforce receiving at least one dose. This is up from a low of 84 percent when the mandate was first announced in October. However, statistics vary by department, with approximately 88 percent of New York City Police Department and prison employees receiving at least one dose. 

The Police Department is represented by 36 of the people who have been sacked. The Department of Education was the heaviest hit, with 914 individuals losing their jobs. The Housing Authority employed another 101 people. Almost 4,000 people were on the verge of losing their jobs, but the majority, as expected, chose to take the vaccine.”City workers were on the front lines during the pandemic, and by getting vaccinated, they are once again demonstrating their willingness to do the right thing to protect themselves and all New Yorkers,” said Mayor Adams in his statement. Over 10.4 billion vaccine doses have been distributed globally, reaching nearly 62% of the world’s population. Only 10.6 percent of people in low-income nations have received at least one dose, indicating that distribution is still uneven.