Paper is a thing on which we write. Papers are used for writing purposes and printing purposes. It is one of the most essential things in modern civilization. Books are created using papers and newspapers etc. We cannot do without it even for a day. Paper is a very useful article in our civilized life. We write on paper, we read books, newspapers, and magazines which are printed on paper. It helps us to gain knowledge.

Paper is made of rags, grass, straws, bamboos, jute, wood, and other waste things. They are dept in water and then boiled to make pulp. Paper is manufactured in the mill from rags, grass, straws, and bamboo. Waste paper is also used in the process.

Paper was first made and used in China. The Arabs learned it from China. The art of making paper was in vogue in Spain in 12 centuries. But the ancient Egyptians performed writing on a soft white thing of a kind of grass named papyrus plant. It grew on the bank of the Nile. The working paper is derived from papyrus. Before the invention of paper, the writing was on the leaves of trees and skins of an animal.

Papers are of different kinds, sizes, and colors. Some are very fine, some are coarse, some are white, red, black, green, yellow, brown and orange. The foolscap, the demy, double crown, and royal are the standard sizes. These are used for various purposes such as in writing, printing, decorating. Different kinds of paper are made for different purposes. There are writing paper, printing paper, packing paper, the colored paper used for decoration, etc. and also paper-boards which are again used for various purposes including making of cartoons, book covers, etc.

In the modern, age paper is made in the mills. We have got a very large mill at Chandraghona in Chittagong. There is another paper mill at Pakshey in North Bengal and a newsprint paper mill in Khulna.

The paper helps a man in the spread of education. Paper is used in publicity work. Posters, banners, leaflets, etc. are made of paper. It spreads the news among the people of the world. We use it for writing and printing. Letters and telegrams are sent from one part of the world to the other. This would not have been possible without paper. Without paper, our education and civilization would not have been possible. It is a great blessing to us.