Organizational Behavior

Physical Ability

These abilities are required for doing successfully less skilled and more standardized jobs. Physical abilities are required to do tasks that demand stamina, strength and similar characteristics. The various physical abilities are:

1. Dynamic strength: Ability to exert muscular force continuously over time.

2. Trunk strength: Ability to exert muscular using trunk muscles.

3. Static strength: Ability to exert a force on external objects.

4. Explosive strength: Ability to expand a maximum of energy in one or a series of explosive acts.

5. Extent flexibility: Ability to move the trunk and back muscles as far as

6. Dynamic flexibility: Ability to make rapid, repeated flexing movements.

7. Body co-ordination: Ability to coordinate the simultaneous actions of different parts of the body.

8. Balance: Ability to maintain equilibrium despite forces pulling off balance.

9. Stamina: Ability to continue maximum effort requiring prolonged efforts.

So above are the factors of the ability that helps a person to perform the various tasks of the job.