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Intellectual Abilities

Intellectual Ability

Intellectual abilities commonly refer to the ability measured by performance on an intelligence test. Intellectual Abilities are those that are needed to perform mental activities usually involving thinking and reasoning.

Ability to perform mental activities is known as intellectual ability. Intellectual abilities have got seven dimensions-

  • Number aptitude

It is an ability to do speedy and accurate arithmetic. For example Accountant.

  • Verbal comprehension

It is the ability to understand what is read and heard and the relationship of words to each other. For example Plant Manager.

  • Perceptual speed

It is the ability to identify visual similarities and differences quickly and For example Fire Investigator.

  • Inductive reasoning

It is the ability to identify a logical sequence in a problem and then solve the problem. For example Market Researcher.

  • Deductive reasoning

It is the ability to see logic and assesses the implication of an argument. For example Supervisor.

  • Special visualization

It is the ability to imagine how an object would look like it its position in space was changed. For example Interior Decorator.

  • Memory

It is the ability to retain and recall past experience. For example Salesperson.