Organizational Behavior

Challenges of Organizational Behavior

The following are some of the significant challenges of Organizational Behavior

Improving Customer service:

OB can contribute to improving an organizational performance by showing that how employees attitude and behavior are associated with customer satisfaction.

In that case, service should be the first production oriented by using technological opportunities like the computer, internet etc.

To improve the customer service need to provide sales service and also the after sales service.

Improving people skills:

Designing motivating jobs, how creating the effective teams, techniques for improving interpersonal skills.

In that case, managers need to develop behavioral skill and need to create the effective team in the organization by providing training.

Sometimes employees don’t want to learn the lesson. In that case, managers face some problem and this is the challenge for the managers.

Managing Workforce Diversity:

This refers to employing different categories of employees who are heterogeneous in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, relation, community, physically disadvantaged, homosexuals, elderly people etc. The primary reason to employ heterogeneous category of employees is to tap the talents and potentialities, harnessing the innovativeness, obtaining synergetic effect among the divorce workforce. In general, employees wanted to retain their individual and cultural identity, values and lifestyles even though they are working in the same organization with common rules and regulations. The major challenge for organizations is to become more accommodating to diverse groups of people by addressing their different lifestyles, family needs, and work styles.

Responding to Globalization:

Today’s business is mostly market driven; wherever the demands exist irrespective of distance, locations, climatic conditions, the business operations are expanded to gain their market share and to remain in the top rank etc. Business operations are no longer restricted to a particular locality or region. Company’s products or services are spreading across the nations using mass communication, internet, faster transportation etc. An Australian wine producer now sells more wine through the Internet than through outlets across the country. More than 95% of Nokia handphones are being sold outside of their home country Finland. Japanese cars are being sold in different parts of the globe. Sri Lankan tea is exported to many cities across the globe. Executives of Multinational Corporation are very mobile and move from one subsidiary to another more frequently.

Empowering People:

Empowering is to authorize another person, or group, to have the freedom to act, think, respond, initiate, and make decisions affecting their area of given responsibility. Managers empower staff. Leaders empower their leaders. Parents empower their children. Teachers empower their students. Pastors empower their congregations. Those that empower others do so through educating, resourcing, evaluating, and guiding.

Stimulating innovation and change:

Victory will go the organization maintains their flexibility, continually improve their quality and beat their competitor in the marketplace. An organization’s employees can be the major block in change, the challenge to the manager to stimulate their creativity and tolerance for change.

For an instance; For using cloths people choice are changing day by day so to capture the new customer the fashion designer need to innovate new dresses with a new design to cope with the present environment of people choose.

Coping with Temporariness:

Survival for the organization needs to move fast and flexible and innovative in their products, jobs are redesigned, the task is done by flexibility, trained old employees with new technology, the better understanding of change, overcome resistance to change, create organizational culture.

For an instance; In the year 2000 we were used to using the Nokia 1100 mobile phone but now we are used to using the smartphone.

So the company needs to improve the product with new technologies.

Working in network organization:

Global working through one link i.e. Internet, technology changes the people to work together and communicate at thousand miles, people can work from their home and non-office locations.

For an instance; by Facebook, we can increase our networking by the use of technology.

Helping employees Balance work-life conflicts:

Flexible Working hours, reporting time, creating opportunities for employees, job security, design workplace, and jobs.

For an instance; for an individual one is professional life and another one is family life. In that case, the individual should be very punctual to get the balance of the work-life conflict.

Improving Ethical Behavior:

  • Manager shouldn’t place an order on which subordinate don’t agree
  • Define clearly the right and wrong conduct
  • Fair policy and appropriate system
  • Increase confidence and trust in organization
  • Have some logic in the order you place to employees.