Organizational Behavior

Differences between Autocratic and Supportive Model of OB

The differences between the Autocratic model and Supportive model of Organizational Behavior (OB) are given below:

Autocratic-Authoritarian Approach:

  • Other Terms:  Task-orientated.
  • Ohio State Studies (Fleishman, 1953): Directive leadership.
  • The Human Side of Enterprise(McGregor,1960): Initiating structure (the degree to which a leader is oriented toward goal attainment).
  • Michigan studies (Likert, 1961; Likert, 1967): Theory X.
  • Blake’s leadership grid (Blake & Mouton, 1964): Job centered.
  • Burns, 1978; Bass, 1999: Transactional leadership.

Democratic Approach:

  • Other Terms: Relations-orientated.
  • Ohio State Studies (Fleishman, 1953): Participative leadership.
  • The Human Side of Enterprise(McGregor,1960): Consideration structure the degree to which a leader shows concern and respect for followers.
  • Michigan studies (Likert, 1961; Likert, 1967): Theory Y.
  • Blake’s leadership grid (Blake & Mouton, 1964): Employee centered.
  • Burns, 1978; Bass, 1999: Transformational leadership.