Organizational Behavior

Why need to study Organizational Behavior?

Here are a few highlights of specific ways in which Organizational Behavior matters to people and the organizations in which they work.

  • Companies whose managers accurately appraise the work of theirs. subordinates enjoy lower costs and higher productivity than those that handle their appraisals less.
  • People who are satisfied with the way they are treated on the job are generally more pleasant to their co-workers and bosses and are less likely to quit than those who are dissatisfied with the way others treat them.
  • People who are carefully trained to work together in teams tend to be happier and more productive than those who are simply thrown together without any definite organizational support.
  • Employees who believe they have been treated unfairly on the job are more likely to steal from their employers and reject the policies of their organizations than those who believe they have been fairly treated.
  • People who are mistreated by their supervisors on the job experience more mental and physical illness than those who are treated with kindness, dignity, and respect.
  • Companies that offer good employee benefits and that have friendly conditions are more profitable than those who are fewer people oriented.