Process of Selection

Process of Selection

Selection may be defined as the process of choosing the best one from among the number of candidates. It is the procedure of choosing the most appropriate applicant for the empty place in the organization.

The process of Selection: Selection process typically consists of eight steps. Such as:

Initial screening interview: The first step in the selection process whereby inquiries about a job are screened. It is two steps procedure – (i) The screening of inquiries; (ii) The provision of the screening interview.

Completion of the application form: The application form gives a job performance related synopsis of what the applicant has been doing during their adult life, their skills, and their accomplishments. Applications are also useful in that they obtain information the company wants.

Employment tests:  Intelligence, aptitude, ability, and interest tests are needed to provide a major input to the selection process, in this step handwriting analysis and honesty tests have also been used with the attempt to learn more about the candidate.

The comprehensive interview: The applicant may be interviewed by HRM interviewers and senior managers. This interview assesses one’s motivation, ability to work under pressure and ability to “fit in” with the organization.

Background investigation: This stage contacting former employers to confirm the candidates work record and to obtain their appraisal of his or her performance. Contacting other references and verifying the educational accomplishments are shown in the application. It is also checking credit references and criminal records and even using third-party investigators to do the background check.

Conditional job offer: Job offer made to an individual which will become permanent after passing tests such as a substance abuse test. Conditional job offer is usually made by an HR representative.

Physical or Medical examination: Physical exam can only be used, who are unable to physically comply with the requirements of a job. It is to show that minimum standards of health exist to enroll in company health and life insurance program.

Job offer: Those individuals who perform successfully in the preceding steps are now considered to be eligible to receive the employment offer.