Interactive Marketing process on the Internet

Interactive Marketing process on the Internet

Interactive marketing is the process of intranets and extranets and others networks may also be used to enable a multilevel interaction between a company’s marketing, development, and customer support personnel, and its customers and prospective customers.

Interactive marketing process on the Internet: Interactive marketing process on the Internet are given below –

Step – 1: Segment and identify potential customers: It includes initial market research done by reaching relevant groups – WWW servers, list serves, new groups.

Step – 2: Create promotionally, advertising and educational material: Product information and acquiescent products, order falls and questionnaires.

Step – 3: Put the material on a customer on the computer screen:

  1. Push-based marketing: Direct marketing using web broadcasters; newsgroups, list serves, and e-mail.
  2. Pull-based marketing: Indirect marketing or strait marketing.

Step – 4: Interactive with the customer: Dialogue with the customer, interactive discussion among customer about various features offering endorsement testimonials, question, and answer.

Step – 5: Learning from a customer: Incorporating feedback customer in advertising marketing strategy, identifying the market, using experience in new product development.

Step – 6: Online customer service: Fast, friend solutions to Customer problems.