“Where Recruitment ends Selection starts”- Explanation

“Where Recruitment ends Selection starts”- Explanation

“Where Recruitment ends Selection starts”

Recruitment: Recruitment begins with sourcing potential applicants. The hiring manager, human resources department, or recruiters may use job boards, college recruitment programs, job fairs, networking and social media to create interest available positions within the company. Prescreening interviews, skill tasting, background, and reference checks are part of the recruitment process.

Selection: Selection is the process in which the candidate pool is narrowed and an applicant is chosen. The selection process may invoke a series of interviews, personality assessments, and criminal background checks. Negotiations of salary, benefits, and job duties are the final stage of the selection process.

By analyzing the above distinctions we can clearly say that where recruitment ends selection starts. There is always an element of prediction in section, making an informed estimate as to which of the various applicants is most suitable for the job being filled. Recruitment helps to increase the success rate of the selection process by reducing the number of visibly under qualified or overqualified job applicants.

While different members of the human resources or management team may be responsible for various aspects of the recruitment and selection processes, the two go hand in hand. Thorough planning and evaluation of the hiring process are essential to avoid hiring a mistake./a