Why an Entrepreneur should Concern for Employee Welfare?

Why an Entrepreneur should Concern for Employee Welfare?

An Entrepreneur should Concern for Employee Welfare

Believing in employee well being as the key to competitiveness and success and initiating programs of employee welfare. Employee welfare is a major concern of employers.

You would, now, be interested in knowing as to how to build these competencies. Knowledge competencies can be developed by, for example by reading and interacting with people who know. Skill competencies can be acquired by practice, haven’t you heard “practice makes a man perfect”? For example, ‘persuasion,’ and ‘use of influence strategies’ require presentation skills.

A common conundrum faced during the hiring process is the mindset of the employee. At times, you will find among the applicants for such positions, an entrepreneurial-minded person, who sometimes pose a dilemma on whether you should hire them or not. This could translate to an indirect threat in form of “idea replication.”

One of the primary concerns of employee welfare promotion is to create happy employees. However, this type of objective has a greater purpose and is not always due to the benevolence of the employer. Instead, good employers both genuinely care for their employees and do so because they know that a happy employee is one that will be productive and do his job correctly.