Steps to be followed for Job Evaluation

Steps to be followed for Job Evaluation

Job evaluation is a procedure for developing a wage structure that is somehow based upon an evaluation of the job. It is a systematic way of determining the value/worth of a job in relation to other jobs in an organization. It tries to make a systematic comparison between jobs to assess their relative worth for the purpose of establishing a rational pay structure.

Steps to be followed for job evaluation: There are some steps of job evaluation in Bangladesh. These are as follows –

Job analysis: Through job analysis, some information is collected within a job. This technical procedure is used to determine the nature of duties, responsibilities, right, environment, and labor etc. of an organization.

Grading the job: At is a stage, the jobs are classified and graded on the basis of their relative importance, status etc. and their location is determined.

Selecting the evaluation: Committee may be constituted with five members. Out of the two from management, two from made unions and rest may be selected jointly by management and trade unions.

Obtaining the job description: Job evaluation committee is supposed to gather information about the job description. Of course, job evaluation may be completed without job description – if all committee members are well acquainted with the jobs.

Job pricing: Job evaluation relative worth of each evaluated job is determined. That is, why it is suggested that who should be placed at which position of the pay structure.

Selecting a job evaluation method: Pricing of jobs depends on this stage. There are many methods to be used for evaluating jobs. Any one method or more in accordance with the objective of job evaluation may be selected.

Obtaining the cooperation of management and employees: In the successful implementation of job evaluation program, a cooperation of both management and employees is the must. With their assistance and full support, necessary information may be collected about the program be accepted and the ways of getting the actual worth of jobs.

Implementation: The last stage is the implementation of the job evaluation program; successful implementation depends on the proper and timely completion of aforesaid steps. Because without the implementation of job evaluation program, all steps become useless.