The Conspiracy Theorists Buy Faraday Cages to “Protect” Themselves Then Complain When They Work

The Conspiracy Theorists Buy Faraday Cages to “Protect” Themselves Then Complain When They Work

The epidemic has caused a final stir in conspiracy theories ranging from majestic a conspiracy involving Captain America turned out to be explained by spaghetti to pure naughty.  Conspiracy theories about 5G go far beyond the epidemic, for example, it is easily claimed that 5G caused a mass bird death in the Netherlands in 2018 when in reality there was not even 5G testing in the vicinity at that time.  One that has been lengthened is the idea of ​​5G Covid-19. As we mentioned earlier, it is just as sensory to call it super gonorrhea due to radio or Tom Cruise is the cause of bread. The Covid-19 virus is caused by the Stork-Cov-2 virus, which you can see for yourself.

As well as people selling “cures” for the virus (Spoiler: If there was a proven cure we’d all heard about it, not just some Dodge website found on Ask Jeeves) some people started selling products to “protect” you from 5G.  Some unscrupulous individuals have apparently decided to take advantage of the conspiracy theories surrounding 5G and Covid to make rapid progress.

Faraday cages are enclosures made of conductive metal mesh designed to protect electronic equipment from external interference, such as electromagnetic radiation. While Faraday suits and cages are great for powerline technicians who don’t want to be dead and are really cool to display in front of Tesla coils, they’re the last thing you want to put on top of a Wi-Fi router, as many conspiracy theorists are now discovering. People on Amazon are selling Faraday router solders or guards to keep 5G on top of your Wi-Fi router.

“Large WiFi Router Guard (blocks about 90% of the WiFi router’s EMF blocks while you can still use the router) is one product that sells itself as Block 5G!” Here are just a few of the verified shoppers who have complained about how they are now radiation and Wi-Fi-free.  Customers who bought these Faraday cages also left angry reviews when they performed like Faraday cages.

“The box works to keep the radioactivity going but the Wi-Fi won’t work unless you’re in the same room as the router! It reduces the signal by 90%!!” One reviewer wrote. “We really wanted to like it but it was impossible to use our phone in any other room in the house. Also, the seller kept the shipping fee at $25 so it was annoying.” If you are wondering if the sellers believe in the conspiracy or who are just making money from those who do, then the sellers have made a final decision.