The Station Cruise Loses Its Head, Nio Brings AR in the Car and Rivian Expands to Georgia

The Station Cruise Loses Its Head, Nio Brings AR in the Car and Rivian Expands to Georgia

Good day, readers: Welcome to The Station, your one-stop shop for all modes of transporting people and things from point A to point B, past, present, and future. Before you go in, there are a few things to consider. Policy Corner will be taking a break for a while. Aria Alamalhodaei, a reporter, has sent the following message:

“Your favorite mini-roundup of transportation policy news will be on hiatus for the time being.” In the second quarter of 2022, I hope to see you again! If you have any tips or policy updates to give, please send them to Kirsten or Rebecca. We’ll see you again next year!” Second, I (Kirsten) will be taking some time off this year and will see you next year! I wish all of my readers a joyful Christmas season and good health in the New Year.

This week, one of the world’s transportation leaders passed away. Ryan Popple, a former active-duty Army officer who ascended through the ranks of Tesla’s finance team before departing to become a partner at Kleiner Perkins and the CEO of electric bus maker Proterra, died abruptly at the age of 44. He leaves a wife and three children behind. Popple has recently joined G2 Venture Partners after leaving Proterra.

“Ryan epitomized entrepreneurial energy and committed his life to building a brighter future,” G2 Venture Partners stated in their tribute to Popple. His vision for Proterra was to increase access to cheap, sustainable transportation alternatives and to shape a zero-emission transportation future for the sake of our planet and community health. As a partner at Kleiner Perkins, he was committed to guiding industries through long-term change. Ryan placed nation before self in uniform and in civilian life as a former active duty officer in the United States Army.”

Ryan was the first person I interviewed in 2016. I was always struck by the unique blend of enthusiasm and realism that he brought to every conversation during that interview and the few times we spoke after then. Ryan, you will be sorely missed. Finally, Hazel Chapman, a Lotus co-founder, and former British racing driver died earlier this week at the age of 94.