This was his biggest mistake in business, according to Bill Gates

This was his biggest mistake in business, according to Bill Gates
The former CEO of Microsoft sprinkled beans in this special quay at the “Lessons from Luminaries” event organized by the enterprise capitalist organization Village Global in San Francisco.

Bill Gates is one of the biggest names in computer science, a dedicated social worker responsible for saving millions of lives, And the second richest man in the world – just behind Jeff Bezos. So, what can he regret? Apparently, lets Google launch Android.

Gates said, “In the software world, especially for platforms, these are all market winners.” He also added, “So the biggest mistake of all time is that whatever mismanagement I did because of Microsoft is not what Microsoft allows Android to be.” He added that Android is the standard non-Apple phone platform, a natural resource for Microsoft to win. Gates told the audience, “It’s really a winner. “There is room for a non-Apple operating system and what is the cost $400 billion that will be transferred from company G (Google) to company M (Microsoft).” Letting Google get Android seems to be not his only mistake. Gates also regret some of the sacrifices he made to balance his work/life.

When Gates came to start a business or project with Microsoft, he said he had a “fairly strong view that there should be a big sacrifice in those early days.” He put the idea before the speech that “you can worship the idea of ​​working too hard and do the myth”, acknowledging the fact that he didn’t believe in weekends
or holidays when he was younger. “I don’t suggest it,” he said deadpan. “I don’t think most people will enjoy it.”

So there you have it. Those are his biggest regrets. “Once I was in my 30’s I couldn’t even imagine that I did it because by then some natural behavior had started and I liked the weekends and my girlfriend loved the holidays and it was a clean thing.”

He said donating money to companies responsible for buying and distributing drugs has really stopped. Some of his big successes earlier this year, Gates published an article in the Wall Street Journal saying “the best investment (the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) has ever made.” And if you’re wondering, Gates now uses an Android phone. He is also interested in taking “lots” of vacations. “My 20-year-old self is so upset over my current soul,” he also said.