This Week in Experts Conversational UX, Brand Building 101, Marketing Survey

This Week in Experts Conversational UX, Brand Building 101, Marketing Survey

I would like to thank Walter Thompson, Anna Heim, Annie Saunders, Richard Dal Porto, and Ram Iyer for providing ideas, tales, and revisions that keep this feature on track and going ahead! The epidemic has pushed many workers to contemplate shifting occupations, according to Dr. Meisha-ann Martin, director of people analytics at Workhuman. She said that more than half of those who said they wanted to stay in their present job claimed it was “because they like their company and/or coworkers” in a poll.

Two suggestions: recurrent weekly video meetings with management to check in on distant staff help them feel more connected. Martin also suggests capturing employee sentiment using “data-driven automation and analytics.” “The finest technologies will also give HR and managers with practical information that they can utilize to increase employee engagement.”

Once a Buzzword, Digital Transformation is Reshaping Markets
This Week in Experts Conversational UX, Brand Building 101, Marketing Survey

The drawbacks of chatbots are explored by Raghu Ravinutala, CEO and co-founder of, as well as how businesses may follow best practices to improve customer interactions. “The objective of any new interface is to improve human-machine interactions and provide a more intuitive experience for the user,” Ravinutala stated. “Because of the intricacies involved with human language, conversational UX provides a harder barrier.” To deliberately build exquisite experiences, it takes careful thinking, empathy for the user, and major design considerations.”

Apple’s App Store Connect, in a break from precedent, is still accepting app updates and new entries. “On the surface, this appears to be a win-win situation for both developers and their clients,” Anna Heim said. “However, one expert we spoke with warned that some developers may suffer unanticipated repercussions if they don’t adjust to the new changes.” She spoke with Wolfpack Digital CEO Georgina Lupu Florian, Jamie Shostak, creator of Appetiser, and Yasser Bashir, co-founder of software development business Arbisoft, to learn more about how app companies may benefit.

High-conversion home pages all have one thing in common: they make it exceedingly simple for a buyer to purchase. In a recent TechCrunch+ article, Demand Curve Community Manager Joey Noble writes, “People have short attention spans, so if your site is unclear, they’ll quit.” 

Noble discusses how the site attracts reader attention, minimizes friction, and enhances desire in a deep examination of the homepage for SEO agency Ahrefs. Joyce Chou, senior content lead at Demand Curve, discussed ten typical copywriting blunders and prevent them. Chou demonstrates how to design headlines and convey social evidence that gives buyers more confidence in giving you their business, in addition to fundamental principles like avoiding passive speech.