Time Travel is Demonstrated Mathematically by a Physicist

Time Travel is Demonstrated Mathematically by a Physicist

Time travel has long been a popular topic of discussion in science, and one researcher established the theoretical viability of paradox-free time travel.

Time travel becomes possible in 2020 thanks to research by Australian University of Queensland physics student Germain Tobar.

According to Tobar, “Einstein’s theory of general relativity predicts the presence of time loops or time travel, where an event can occur simultaneously in the past and future, hypothetically flipping the study of dynamics on its head.”

The holy grail of physics, according to Tobar, who was an undergraduate at the time, was a single theory that could reconcile both conventional dynamics and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

Tobar discovered a method to “square the numbers” under the guidance of physicist Dr. Fabio Costa, with the calculations having “fascinating repercussions for science.”

The results are science fiction material, according to the arithmetic, said Dr. Costa.

Say you went back in time to try to prevent patient 0 of Covid-19 from contracting the virus. However, if you prevented that person from contracting the disease, you wouldn’t have any need to go back and put an end to the pandemic in the first place.

Because of this contradiction, many individuals believe that time travel is impossible in our universe.

While some physicists say it is possible, it’s logically hard to accept as it would affect our freedom to make any arbitrary action.

‘It would mean you can time travel, but you cannot do anything that would cause a paradox to occur,’ said Dr Costa.

According to a study in Classical and Quantum Gravity, time travelers can cause events to change so that they are logically consistent with their actions.

In the coronavirus patient zero scenarios, you might attempt to prevent patient zero from contracting the virus, but in doing so, you might contract it yourself and end up as patient zero, or someone else might, according to Tobar.

The salient events would simply realign around you, regardless of what you did. This would imply that the pandemic would happen regardless of your choices, providing your younger self the incentive to travel back in time and stop it.

The occurrences will always modify themselves to prevent any inconsistency, try as you might to manufacture a paradox,

The researchers’ wide-ranging mathematical discoveries demonstrated that time travel with free will is theoretically feasible in our universe without posing any paradoxes.