Two-decade-old cold case solved by accidental viewing on Google Maps

Two-decade-old cold case solved by accidental viewing on Google Maps
An American man has been missing for 22 years while visiting his area on Google Maps. Yes! Google Earth has helped solve the missing man’s case 22 years after the man went missing. A former resident of Moon Bay, Wellington, Florida, did a Google search in his old neighborhood on August 26th when he noticed something bizarre.

The Washington Post reports that William Earl Moldt was last seen alive on November 7, 1997. The 40-year-old mortgage broker, a rare drinker, went to a local nightclub in Lantana, Florida, the Washington Post reported.

According to the report of the missing person after the police investigation, he was often with himself at the club before leaving around 11 pm. He did not appear drunk on the way out. Before getting in the car, he called his girlfriend to say he would be home soon. But he couldn’t show up that evening or any evening and it wasn’t too long before his case cooled down.

After browsing Google Maps satellite images of his neighborhood, a local property surveyor in Florida found his family’s car partially submerged in a pond in the backyard. He remained missing for the next two decades, with no leadership to investigate or explain what happened to him. After seeing the car, they approached Barry Faye, the owner of the property, to report the matter. The car was lifted out of the pond and confirmed to be Moldt’s 1994 Saturn SL. His remains were found inside. Fay, using a drone to climb over the pond and confirm the drone, reported it to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office on Aug. 26, Sun-Sentinel reported.

According to the Charlie Project – with documents involving missing persons – the car has been clearly visible on Google Earth since 200, but so far no one has noticed. The property was developed at the time of Moldt’s death and the car was discovered in the rest of the construction. “The exterior of the vehicle was heavily weighed and apparently was in the water most of the time,” the sheriff’s office told San Sentinel. “You can’t determine what happened many years ago,” police spokeswoman Theresa Barbara told the BBC. “All we know is that he disappeared from the face of the earth and now he’s found.”