Urostyle Vertebral Column of Toad

Urostyle is a long rod shaped bone situated at the back of the ninth vertebra. Several vertebrae are fused together to form this structure. It is situated at the end of the vertebral column in between the two iliums. On the dorsal side of this bone there is a knife-like ridge called neural crest, and the bone is gradually narrowed towards the back. The concave part of the front end of the urostyle remains attached with the convex part of the ninth vertebra. There is very fine neural canal between this concave facet and neural crest.


Functions of Urostyle vertebral column:

  1. The vertebral column by giving a definite shape forms to the frame of the body.
  2. It surrounds the spinal cord and protects it.
  3. Being attached with the pelvic girdle it assists in bearing the weight of the body and its movement.
  4. Being attached with the transverse process and neural arches of the muscles, vertebrate make the movement smoother.