Definition and Characteristics of Cyanobacteria


The blue-green algae which are a little bit larger than bacteria are known as cyanobacteria.


Cyanobacteria Microscopic

Characteristics of Cyanobacteria:

  • They are bluish because they have more blue pigments called c­phycocyanin. Besides, some red pigments and chlorophyll are also
  • They are prokaryotic.
  • They are autophytic. Instead of the chloroplast, they have chromoplast. Photosynthesis can take place in
  • Glycogen is their reserve food.
  • All the members of this type of plant have a lubricating membrane around the cells.
  • They don’t have sexual reproduction.
  • They have no flagella.
  • They may be one or many-celled and branched or un-branched filamentous type.
  • Specialized cells called heterocysts and akenete may be formed in some filaments.

Example: Nostoc.