Pelvic Girdle of Toad

The pelvic girdle can also be divided into two equal parts like the pectoral girdles. This girdle attaches the hind limb with the backbone and bears the weight of the body. This girdle looks like English letter ‘V”. Each part of the pelvic girdle consists of three separate bones and one cavity.


a. Ilium: The longest bone of pelvic girdle which is slightly bent and rod shaped is called ilium. Its front end remains attached with the ninth vertebra.

b. Ischium: It is a semi lunar bone situated between the ilium and pubis.

c. Pubis: It is a triangular cartilage situated between ilium and ischium.

d. Acetabulum: A cavity situated at the junction of the three bones of the pelvic girdle is called the acetabulum. With the acetabulum the head of the femur of the hind limb remains attached.