Prevention from Roundworm

In the meantime, we have known that most of the children of our country get infected with roundworms. As a result, these children suffer from anaemia and malnutrition.

Following measures should be taken if one wants to get rid of the roundworm:

  1. Stop the habit of discharging faecal matters at open places and use sanitary latrines.
  2. Take green fruits after thorough washing with pure water.
  3. Keep your hands clean and clip your nails.
  4. Before taking food and after using latrine wash your hands well.
  5. Abstain from taking cold and rotten food.
  6. Get rid of the worms by taking medicine after consulting a physician.

As well as treating roundworm infections with medication, the infection can be controlled by improving sanitation and health education.

Although treatments are usually effective, preventing roundworm infections that affect tropical countries is very challenging.