Digestion in Duodenum of Toad

When the chyme reaches the duodenum from the stomach, it comes in contact with the bile, secreted from the liver and pancreatic juice from pancreas. Bile converts the fat food into smaller droplets and makes it suitable for reaction with enzyme. Besides, it neutralizes the acidity of the food and brings them to alkaline medium. As a result, action of pancreatic juice hastens. There is no enzyme in the bile. The name of the digestive juice secreted from the pancreas is pancreatic juice.

Three enzymes are present in this juice, e.g. Trypsin, Amylase and Lipase.


Trypsin: Trypsin converts the proteose and peptone into soluble and absorbable amino acid.

Proteose + Peptone + Tripsin /Amino > Amino Acid

Amylase: This enzyme converts the carbohydrates or starchy food into glucose. The reaction is as follows:

Carbohydrate Amylase Glucose

Lipase: This enzyme breaks the fat droplets and converts it into fatty acid and glycerol.

Fatty substance  Lipase > Fatty acid + Glycerol