Use creative automation software to amp up your brand’s lower-funnel assets

Use creative automation software to amp up your brand’s lower-funnel assets

With the holidays approaching, growth marketers are preparing for their busiest season of the year. E-commerce firms are increasingly relying on social sales and digital advertising, but they should also anticipate an omnichannel shopper: according to Celtra, 62 percent of buyers plan to spend both online and in-store this Christmas season.

There is a lot of competition in the market. Digital marketing needs a large number of on-brand creative assets, which may be difficult to develop quickly enough without sacrificing brand identity or narrative. While the number of marketing channels has increased dramatically, most creative production methods remain the same from 50 years ago.

However, marketing is a beast that thrives on creative materials, necessitating more and more each quarter. Any purchased impression, in truth, is also a brand impression and an opportunity to stand out in the market. 

In fact, customers, purchased impressions are the only way to influence them. That is why your brand, design, and messaging must all be creative. Traffic, subscriptions, direct-to-consumer channels, testing, and, eventually, income all rely on creativity to thrive in growth marketing.

Lower-funnel assets, on the other hand, are rarely memorable or even remotely fascinating. Teams are struggling to fulfill global needs across more channels than ever before, and the work they create is deteriorating as a result. 

At scale, brands do not have the luxury of devoting time to design craft and narrative. Most creative automation systems, on the other hand, are not now capable of scaling high-quality creative that prioritizes branding and design perfection.

Enterprises are experiencing a creative gap, in which their content and asset requirements are rapidly increasing while team personnel and budgets remain static or even decreasing.

There is not a magic AI bullet to remedy the problem, unfortunately. You cannot just buy innovative technology and expect it to close the gap on its own. Workflows and team cooperation must rethink. 

If you want to take your growth marketing creative to the next level, you will need to invest in technologies that are built for both scalability and brand governance.