We Are Pleased To Inform You There Are Probably Dinosaur Remains On the Moon

We Are Pleased To Inform You There Are Probably Dinosaur Remains On the Moon

Right, inside the strap because it’s a weird one. Thanks to writing (glorious) a piece of science that has been shared online over the last few days, what people are now learning is what astronomers and (probably) astronauts have known for a long time: most likely tiny parts of dinosaurs are sitting on the moon.

Yes, that’s right, dinosaurs beat us to it. Eighty-five million years before mankind took “a small step for man, a huge leap for mankind,” the dinosaurs made it to our satellites, although their justification was fairly stern compared to ours that they didn’t set foot on the moon so much because it spreads itself like the water of super soccer. How did they get there and probably out of it? Yes, you guessed it; a version of one of their rocket ships (impressive, terrifying idiots) got stuck in a lift from the wreckage due to the asteroid that wiped them out.

However, if the body is fast enough and fast enough, its effect can achieve a speed of survival from the wreckage (11.2 kilometers per second) and leave our environment completely. Much of this will return to the planet, but other fragments may escape the planet’s influence and exit the solar system, possibly putting them on a course of collision with other planets. We have ample evidence of this phenomenon, with at least 279 meteorites making it all the way to Earth from the influence of Mars discovered on our planet. Many moons in the solar system are thought to have been created by massive influences, including our own. According to recent research, it may be possible for microorganisms to survive a journey from Earth to another planet or vice versa, according to recent research.

But back to the dinosaurs as Author Peter Brennan explains in his book The Indus of the World that the meteorite hitting the Earth was moving so fast that “as soon as the asteroid collided with the Earth in the sky above it where the wind was supposed to be, the rock was piercing a hole in the outer space. When the sky rushed to close this hole, huge amounts of Earth were expelled into orbit – all within one or two effects.” The dinosaur bones went with the earth and the rock. At the end of their world, some of their bits were buried on the moon, and probably on Mars as well.