What are Esters?

What are Esters?

Esters are derivative of carboxylic acids in which the -OH group has been replaced by -OR group, where R may be an alkyl / aryl group. It is an organic compound where the hydrogen in the compound’s carboxyl group is replaced with a hydrocarbon group.

Examples: Ethyl acetate is an ester. The hydrogen on the carboxyl group of acetic acid is replaced with an ethyl group.

Some Important Esters:

  • Ripe banana: Pentyl ethanoate
  • Orange: Octyl ethanoate
  • Pineapple: Ethyl butanoate
  • Strawberry: 3 – methyl butyl ethanoate
  • Blackberry: Ethyl butarate
  • Jasmine: Benzyl acetate
  • Ripe apple: Iso-amyl iso-valarate