What is Hydroelectricity?

Water is one of the renewable sources of energy. Energy can be produced by means of water current and tide and ebb. There are different forms of energy in the water current such as kinetic and potential energy. Electricity produced by means of water current is known as hydroelectricity. Different countries of the world make use of potential energy for producing electricity in hydroelectric projects. The method of producing hydroelectricity using the water current is simple. The current of water is used to rotate a turbine. Co-Ordination of mechanical and magnetic energy is possible from the rotation of turbines.

Electricity produced by mechanical energy created by water current in co-ordination of magnetic energy is called hydroelectricity.


Potential energy is used to produce electricity in the Kaptai electricity production station in our country. Man is trying to use the energy of tide and ebb of river or ocean for a long time. The operation of different machines using the energy of tide and ebb has been invented a long time ago.

In France electric energy production projects are being successfully implemented using the energy of tide and ebb. Other countries of the world are also trying to set up tidal energy projects to produce electricity.