Wonders of Modern Science

Wonders of Modern Science

Wonders of modern science

Ours is an age of modern science. And life in this age cannot be thought of without science. In the present century, science seems to have reached its maturity. Every invention of modern science is a blessing for the mankind. And we cannot go without them in our everyday life.

Blessing of science are many. The first thing we take early in the morning in tea. It is science that has given us this exhilarating drink. The daily paper that we take up them to satisfy our hunger for information is also a product of science. The items of news are not only gathered daily from all over the world, but also printed on a mass scale through different scientific process such as telegraphs, radios, fax, printing presses etc. The paper on which these are printed is produced-from pulps by science. So are books which give us the power of knowledge.

The clothes we wear, waterproofs that protect us from train, shoes that protect our feet are all manufactured by machines invented by the power of science. Besides, there are electric lights, fans, cookers, refrigerators in many houses to make home-life enjoyable and comfortable. Science has greatly improved health. We have now good medicines for many diseases which were so fatal only a few years back.

Television is a blessing of modern science. It brings the whole world closer. In the television we do not hear news only but we see about it. It is the most popular instrument for recreation to the modern people. In a television we enjoy music, dances, theatres, sports and games. Of all the blessing of modern science the computer is the most striking to me. It works just like Aladin’s wonderful lamp. The computer is a marvelous invention of modern science. It can solve a great problem in the twinkling of an eye. After the invention of the computer, unprecedented progress is found in every sphere of human needs, such as industry, research, trade and commerce medicine and treatment technology. The use of the computer in military science helps the superpowers to dominate the whole world. It has been proved very fruitful to space research.

The artificial satellite is another blessing of modern science. It is used for a variety of purposes. The first artificial satellite named Sputnik-1 was sent by the USSR on 4th October, 1957. Satellites are of different types as weather satellites, earth satellites, communication satellites and navigation satellites. A satellite is sent to move around the axis of the earth.

Mobile phone is another blessing a science. Almost all nowadays use mobile phone every day. Mobile phone has made our life much easier.

In the field of diagnoses and the treatment of disease the contribution of science is astronomical. In fact, the blessing it science in our everyday life is beyond description. Science has emerged as a blessing for us. Whatever modem science hat invented are all wonderful. One is not less blessing than others. It undoubtedly crystal clear that, the blessing of modern science has paved the way for living of human beings and made their life easier.