1 TB for PC, Laptop, and PS5, Which is Less Than Half

1 TB for PC, Laptop, and PS5, Which is Less Than Half

A good SSD hard drive is required if we want our computer to perform quickly and efficiently. For a long time, these components were prohibitively expensive due to rising chip prices, silicon issues, and cutting-edge technology. However, thanks to these Amazon flash deals, there’s no reason not to replace your old computer and make it work like new (or better).

Today we present you one of Amazon’s best-selling and highest-rated SSDs: the Crucial P3. This SSD employs NVMe technology (with a PCIe connector), allowing us to achieve speeds up to ten times quicker than traditional SATA-based SSDs. These SSDs come in capacities ranging from 500 GB to 4 TB.

We will specifically discuss the Crucial P3 Plus model with a capacity of 1TB. This model distinguishes itself by being a Gen4 type, which allows us to achieve faster speeds than the Gen3 type and, in addition to operating better (as long as the computer supports this technology), makes it acceptable for use on a PS5 to expand its storage.

1 TB for PC, Laptop, and PS5, Which is Less Than Half

This model provides read and write rates of up to 5000 MB/s, as well as random read/write IOPS of 650K/800K. Furthermore, it assures us up to 1.5 million hours of operation, giving us greater endurance and reliability than other similar models.

This SSD with 1 TB capacity is typically priced at about 130 euros. However, if we take advantage of this flash sale and save 59%, we can purchase this device for only 52.99 euros. Of course, this offer is only available for a limited time, so we should not pass it up if we are considering purchasing a unit of this type.

An even more affordable Crucial P3 SSD: Other capacities are available for 36.99 euros for the 500 GB model, 110.99 euros for the 2 TB model, and 217.99 euros for the 4 TB model. The 1 TB model has the best quality/price ratio in our opinion.

Also, if we are not going to use it on a PS5, and our PC does not support Gen4, we may get a far better deal on the standard P3 model. This has a read/write speed of 3500MB/s and random read/write IOPS of 650K/700K. This unit has a 58% discount as well, and we can do them with it, with 1 TB capacity, for only 42.99 euros.

It is also available in additional capacities, including 500 GB for 31.99 euros, 2 TB for 97.99 euros, and 4 TB for 206.99 euros. Again, the 1TB model is the most worthwhile.