Tesla Boss Elon Musk Releases an Electronic Dance Music Track

Tesla Boss Elon Musk Releases an Electronic Dance Music Track
Between the running of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk somehow found time to enter the rev music scene, his first electronic dance music (EDM) track Donut no doubt released the title. Writing the song and voicing it himself, Musk has now expanded his music composition to two songs, following the release of the truly bizarre RIP Harambe in March 2019.

The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla said earlier this week that he had written a new song called “Don’t Doubt Ur Vibe” to be released on “Emo G Records”, but as usual it’s hard to say whether Musk was serious or not, his evening internet fun. As it turns out, he was serious and we didn’t have to wait any longer to hear the track. The lyrics probably didn’t take him long to write – the whole song consists of "don’t doubt your joke / because it’s true / don’t doubt your vibe / because it’s you” Musk says that he has performed the music of the tune, which is altered and distorted in the air electronic, supernatural-sounding final product.

He released it under the Emo G Records label; the song first appeared on SoundCloud on January 31st and is now available on Spotify. His previous song – which was shot at a zoo in Cincinnati in 2014 to pay homage to the gorilla harem – features featured voices from Young Jake, although this latest proposal is nothing more than musk, the tech entrepreneur relies solely on his talent to produce tracks. With everything under his belt, it’s amazing that all of the amazingly ambitious South African speeches have piqued his curiosity, and after briefly changing his Twitter handle to E “D” M, Musk is clearly hoping to inspire others with his music. In recent years, Musk’s various projects have resulted in an electric vehicle being launched into space and a rocket successfully landing in an upright position, while plans for the first commercial aircraft on the moon are also running smoothly. 

Fans have come down to Twitter to get some mixed reactions to the song, and many have expressed their surprise at how one person can master so many different things. Not everyone is a fan of this new tune, although this is a Twitter user who would rather listen to a song called Paradise Cheeseburger including Undoubtedly the worst song I’ve ever heard coming from me, a guy who listened to the 30 minutes “Pizzerberry in Heaven”.