Acid Throwing

Acid Throwing

Acid throwing is a serious crime. It is a heinous act of inhumanity. By throwing acid, the culprit takes revenge or satisfies some personal grievances. But in doing so, the criminal destroys the victim’s life forever. The victim bears the marks of acid violence on his/her body. The victim suffers physical pain for a short time, but suffers mentally and psychologically for the whole life. Acid throwing thus destroys a dream, a hope, and a life. It brings suffering and anxiety to the whole family.

Causes of acid throwing: There are varied reasons for acid violence. Generally and mainly the cause is emotional or failure of a love affair or refusal of a love or marriage proposal. In that case the victim is in most cases a girl or women. When a boy or man offers love or marriage proposal to a girl or women and if he is rejected; he throws acid on the face whom he desired so much. By throwing acid, the rejected person satisfies his personal anger and vengeance on the girl or women. Often breakdown of marriage or demand for dowry also results in acid throwing. In this case also the victim is generally a female. Besides, personal enmity, family feud, social hostilely, quarrel for money or land dispute etc. are some other reasons of acid throwing.

Effects of acid throwing: An acid victim suffers for the whole life. He/she becomes a social outcast. S/he suffers from inferiority complex. A beautiful face, a smiling look and a lively person – all get destroyed by it. An acid victim suffers both psychologically and physically. If the acid throwing case is serious one, it burns the victim’s body and face and distorts his or her appearance. A beautiful face is turns into an ugly one. Often the victim dies fighting for some days with death. But if the victim survives his/her sufferings continues for the rest life. The survivor has to undergo long medical treatment. Often he/she becomes physically invalid. S/he has to live depend on others. Thus the victim becomes a burden in the family.

Remedies: Understanding the psychology of an acid thrower is important to prevent this crime. An acid thrower should be made realize, that he himself can be victim of acid violence and in that case his own life would be unbearable to himself. Again he should be made to realize that takes some revenge or satisfied personal anger but destroys a life and brings suffering and woes to whole family.