Quizziz Raises $ 31.5 Million to Motivate Students with Gamified Lessons

Quizziz Raises $ 31.5 Million to Motivate Students with Gamified Lessons

A combination of gamified quizzes and interactive lessons, the quizzes have raised $31.5 million to persuade more students. The Santa Monica and India-based Company in California has become one of the largest learning platforms in the world, making it easy for teachers to inspire their students with gamified quizzes and interactive lessons. The platform is powered by a global teacher community that has contributed to more than 20 million quizzes and extensive teaching across all subject fields and grade levels.

Tiger led the global management round and existing investors Nexus Venture Partners, GSV Ventures and Eight Rhodes Ventures also rejoined as investors. New supporters include Yahoo co-founder Jerry Young. This increase follows the previous funding announcement in March 2021. Quizzes are currently used in more than 120 countries and more than 80% of K-12 schools in the United States. Rory Roberts, a math teacher at Brigantine Community School, said in a statement that quizzes have helped make the transition to online education easier during the epidemic. Now he is using it almost exclusively that the school has returned to a physical position.

“Creating, searching and correcting text with quizzes has become almost a hobby for me,” says Roberts. The origins of the quizzes lie in a math remedial program in Bangalore, India, where co-founders Ankit Gupta and Deepak Chinnath volunteered. Instead of focusing on complementary curricula like many educational technology startups, they create more engaging learning experiences for their students in the classroom and at home. 

The platform has grown exclusively through word of mouth. Teachers share quizzes online and in person with peers. Gupta said in a statement that on an average week, students around the world answer more than 300 million questions in quizzes. He said the expectation of quizzes is that every time a question is answered it motivates the student to continue the study and gives their teacher time to concentrate on personalized help rather than delaying a pile of worksheets. Quizzes will continue to expand its team in India and the United States to invest in key partnerships to accelerate expansion in international markets to keep pace with client growth.