After Years Of Trying, Somebody Finally Just Cooked A Chicken By Slapping It

After Years Of Trying, Somebody Finally Just Cooked A Chicken By Slapping It

People have been trying to slap chickens for years; it is possible after knowing the physics. Now a YouTuber has finally achieved this. Shortly before Reddit, someone asked a question in a subdivision of no-nonsense questions: “If kinetic energy is converted to heat energy, how much slap do I have to do to cook chicken?”

While this is obviously a basic question, it is also one the best questions I have ever heard on the Internet. Parker Ormonde, a physicist on Facebook, did the math. “As the head of physics in your friendly environment, I decided to calculate it with a few assumptions. The formula for converting kinetic energy and thermal energy into 1/2mv2=MCT,” he wrote on Facebook.

“The average human hand weighs about 4 kg, the average slapping speed is 11 m / s (25 MPF), the average rotisserie chicken weighs 1 kg (2 lbs) and has a specific heat capacity of 2720 J / kg * C, and Let the chicken reach our 205C (400F) to consider it cooked. The chicken will start frozen at 0C (32F). He finally concluded “to cook a chicken in one ride, you have to slap it at a speed of 1665.65 meters / 375.95 miles per hour.”

Now, it has been asked quite a big question that the Earth spins about 1,600 kilometers (1000 miles per hour) per hour, making it incapable of slapping on the way to Roast. There are other problems with a punch chicken, as this simulation of the 3D render artist on the Twitter show.

If you slap the chicken hard for cooking, it will spray all over the walls and you will be quite handy in the process and cook your hands. This can lead to broken bones in your hands and all the bleeding combined, perhaps distracting you a bit from serving and / or chewing potatoes.

With people reluctant to sacrifice an organ for lunch, the question became whether it would be possible to lightly spam the chicken a few thousand times and cook it that way instead.