Aluminium Phenolate

Aluminium Phenolate

Aluminium phenolate is a chemical compound that is formed from the reaction between aluminium alkoxide and phenol. It has the molecular formula Al(C6H5O)3 and is a white to light yellow powder that is soluble in organic solvents.

Aluminium phenolate is a metalloorganic compound with the formula [Al(OC6H5)3]n. It’s a solid white color. According to 27Al NMR studies, aluminum phenolate exists in benzene solution as a dimer and trimer mixture. The compound can be created by reacting elemental aluminum with phenol:

Al + 3 HOC6H5 → Al(OC6H5)3 + 1.5 H2

Aluminium phenolate is used in organic synthesis as a catalyst and as a reagent for the preparation of other organometallic compounds. It is a useful compound in organic chemistry due to its stability and reactivity, which make it a versatile reagent for a variety of reactions.


Aluminium phenolate appears as a white or off-white powder. It is soluble in organic solvents like ethanol, acetone, and chloroform but insoluble in water. It is relatively stable, and it does not decompose easily. However, it can be hydrolyzed by water, and it reacts with acids to form salts.

  • Chemical formula: C18H15AlO3
  • Molar mass: 306.297 g·mol−1
  • Appearance: white solid


Aluminium phenolate has several applications in chemistry and industry. It is used as a catalyst in various reactions, such as the synthesis of cyclic carbonates from epoxides and carbon dioxide. It can also be used as a crosslinking agent in the production of adhesives, coatings, and polymers.

The compound is used as a catalyst for the alkylation of phenols with various alkenes. For example, the ethylphenols are generated commercially by treating phenol with ethylene in the presence of a catalytic amount of aluminium phenolate.

In addition, aluminium phenolate is used as a raw material in the production of other aluminium compounds, such as aluminium oxide and aluminium hydroxide. It can also be used as a precursor for the synthesis of other organic compounds, such as acetylacetone aluminium. Overall, it is a versatile and important chemical compound with various industrial and research applications.