Generally assesses means a taxpayer that is a person who is to pay tax. He is a person or group that is being assessed (judged), principally in order to fix on how much tax they must pay. In the context of income tax in the Indian subcontinent as follows –

  • The executor, administrator, or other legal representatives of a non-residential person.
  • The local representative of a non-resident assesses.
  • The person who is required to deduct tax at source.
  • The person who fails to pay the tax authority after deducting it from the source.

Assessment Procedure: The term ‘Assessment’ is used to mean the determination of the amount of –

(a) Total income an assessee

(b) Total tax payable by an assessee

(c) Tax collection

(d) Refund due to him.

So, the team embraces both tax determination and collection procedure followed by the assessor. It is a continuous process starting from the assessment and ends with the collection of tax.

Assessment Year: The year in which the tax is paid is called the “Assessment year” or tax year. According to section 2(9) of IT Ordinance, 1984 Assessment Year means that period of twelve months commencing, on the first day of July of every year. So it is the year in which the assessments are made for the income of the assessee of the income year.