Birds aren’t Real: The Hot New Conspiracy Theory Taking America by Storm

Birds aren’t Real: The Hot New Conspiracy Theory Taking America by Storm

The group “Birds are not real”, who claim that birds are no longer real, has held a rally in the United States in the hope of converting others into opinions. For the uninitiated, the real movement of birds does not claim that birds were once real but now it has been replaced by drones – you guessed it – none other than Barack Obama in 2001. The new robotic bird is used to monitor Americans, according to conspiracy theories.

“Where it all started on October 26, 2001,” Birdcentriel wrote on Instagram, below the strong evidence above. “The day the deceptive and wicked patriotic law was passed through Congress. I can’t watch these horrific videos in public; I’m shivering uncontrollably with anger. I can’t sit still. “After the government killed the last real bird in 2001, they released a beta version of the first prototype bird drones that appeared on this first table. She

“Call me misinformed, call me stupid, call me highly educated, I don’t care. Just because I didn’t go to ‘high school’ doesn’t mean I’m brainwashed and institutionalized just like all of you. I know I # WOKE and one day you will all see.” Despite the obvious irrationality of the speculation, this movement has plenty of supporters both online and offline. The rally, held in Springfield, Egypt, was attended by a large number of people as they were there to spread the word that birds are robots.

The movement joins the list of conspiracy theories “Australia is not real” We are 99 percent sure that flat-soil etc are satirical, but perhaps a few real people also believe in it. Conspiracy theories were first conceived (or discovered whether you believe in bird robots depending on whether or not and everyone is lying) the conspiracy theory claimed by a college student in 2017 that the CIA faced two problems in the 1950s:

  • How to stop birds poopin’ on their fancy CIA cars
  • How to surveil the entire US population

The solution may seem obvious in retrospect but we had to replace the birds with tiny robot drones to listen to each of our conversations. In a transcript stolen from a former CIA deputy, he said, “Yes, the high-ups were so annoying that the birds punched their car windows into the anus that they promised to wipe out every flying feather in North America.” Better to check for price).