Boost Portability & Productivity with One Purchase

Boost Portability & Productivity with One Purchase

Why settle for one screen when two are available? It’s a crucial question. Most of you have probably pondered adding another monitor to your office setup, but the idea of adding yet another cumbersome screen to your desk area has put you off. Now you don’t have to since we’ve created the ideal second screen that adds minimal weight and width to your laptop. This small and light portable display is over 50% thinner and 30% lighter than prior models. You’ve been yearning for a portable display like this. The Mobile Pixels DUEX Plus: Portable Dual-Screen Laptop Monitor features a 13.3″ display screen that’s perfect for on-the-go professionals or gamers searching for a more intense online experience.

This compact dual-screen laptop monitor offers everything you need, whether you’re gaming, presenting, teaching, or multitasking your way through a stack of critical documents. The Mobile Pixels DUEX Plus: Portable Dual-Screen Laptop Monitor is a tidy, easy-to-use, plug-and-play screen that boosts your productivity and efficiency. You get one of the thinnest and lightest dual-screen laptop monitors on the market with Mobile Pixels DUEX Plus: Portable Dual-Screen Laptop Monitor. Its ultra-slim profile and clever design include an adhesive mechanism that allows you to toss your mobile gadget into any back pocket without weighting you down. With confidence and comfort, you may work or play anywhere you choose. DUEX Plus allows you to use your laptop, PC, or other device as a secondary display.

And there’s more. We nearly forgot to add that this fantastic bundle includes a Microsoft Office Home & Business for Mac 2021 license. You receive Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and OneNote, among other Microsoft favorites. This one-time purchase includes immediate delivery and download, as well as free customer service. So, what do you have to lose? Your professional and personal lives have finally merged.

For $299.99 (reg. $648), you can get The Mobile Pixels Duex Plus + Microsoft Office Lifetime License for Mac. DUEX Plus has a slightly bigger 13.3-inch display screen, making it excellent for professionals and individuals who need to multitask. DUEX Plus is a sleek, simple-to-use, plug-and-play solution for presenting, gaming, educating, and multitasking. DUEX Plus may be moved to either side of your laptop’s screen. Because the display boasts a 1080p resolution, everything you see is sharp and clear. DUEX Lite plugs in and starts working right away, thanks to its wide compatibility.