Causes of Urban Deterioration

Causes of Urban Deterioration

Urban Deterioration occurs when a part of a city falls into disrepair and abandonment. The procedure of physical, communal, and financial deterioration that confronts inner city and central neighborhoods can be explained in various ways. Characteristics of Urban Deterioration include high unemployment rates, high crime rates, depopulation, spit families etc. the main reasons are described below-

(a) Poor urban planning: Urban planning involves planning for land use and transportation. If the planning is not efficient, then the people will leave to move outside the city. When a major employer in the city decides to move outside the city, the city would experience high rates of population decline because people would move along with their employer.

(b) Poverty: Poverty contributes to urban decay by helping to reinforce the shoddy and desolate urban landscape. High poverty contributes directly to higher drug and street gang activities. The drug and gang activity often increases crime, which contributes to urban decay.

(c) Suburbanization: Suburbanization helps further urban decay by removing people who are better off economically, leaving the area to those who are usually poorer, which contributes to higher unemployment rates.

(d) Racial discrimination: Racial discrimination contributes to urban decay by providing for higher rates of unemployment. Discrimination promotes unemployment, which in turn promote poverty, street gang, and illegal other activities.