What are the characteristics of good internal communication?

Internal communication must be helpful to increase the efficiency of the organization. So, the following factor or features should be considered in respect of internal communication:

  • Clarity

Clarity means getting the meaning of messages accurately form the head of the sender into the head of the receiver. This communication must be clear in meaning so that the receiver of the information can understand the subject matter of the information.

  • Simplicity and economy

The method or media and language of internal communication must be simple and less expensive. So, the sender should choose the best method to communicate internally.

  • Integrity

The integrity of the organization must be followed at the time of internal communication. It should be made through proper channel as required by organizational structure.

  • Attention

The receiver should give attention to the information received as quickly as possible. Such communication must draw the attention of the respective employees.

  • Avoidance of unnecessary information

The information of internal communication must be It should not be loaded with unnecessary information.

  • Informal means

Generally, this communication follows the formal rules to exchange information. Sometimes informal organization helps to make the internal communication effective.

  • Others

The information of it must be goal oriented, uniformity must be kept, and it must be helpful to external communication, avoiding information overload, mutual understanding, and trust.